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Your say: What you think of America’s choice

Donald Trump is King..Kong. POTUS #45. cartoon by Atukwasize Chris Ogon

Donald Trump is King..Kong. POTUS #45. Cartoon by Atukwasize Chris Ogon

SQOOP: Donald Trump’s victory seems to have shocked so many people. What’s your take on America’s choice 2016? #Sqoop

Lutaaya Godfrey:
It really portrays the true nature and character of Americans who come to Uganda and sweet talk us, proving to be angels yet in actual sense, they are egocentric, callous and do many more as the president-elect is willing to fulfil their requests.

Charlie Trixie:
List of Americans that Trump is deporting home;Jayz to Nalukolongo. Rihana to Kamwokya. Rick Ross to Muyenga. Congs Trump.
Tony Kizito:
No one is shocked. That’s what we expected, and I knew it. Americans are not like Ugandans.
Loy Besigye:
Really it is so great. It is also an eye opener to you journalists who give biased stories like UBC for example. In US it happened; they were giving bad comments on Trump but God is great he has come out as a victorious man. Trump oyeeeee.
Echo M Michael:
They are not like Uganda to change results.
Migel Hassan:
We can’t say no as per now… Coz it was their choice though has an impact on us Ugandans.. Congs. Looking forward to being rescued.
Kuul James:
I am ready for tough policies provided they benefit Africa.
Emong Alex Tukei:
They Wished America to be great again, so the got it!
Lilio Rub Mugye:
All I know about these elections is that Deborah R Malac and Team should be packing and handing over.
Akemkwene Robin:
The American people have spoken through their votes, Donald triumph. TB Joshua prophesied Hillary Clinton as the first US woman president but Hahaha hahaha.
Baluku Gilyed:
Among the shocked are Museveni and Mugabe.

Cartoon by Atukwasize Chris Ogon

Cartoon by Atukwasize Chris Ogon

Odida Owori:
But results from key districts like Kiruhura, Isingiro, Mbarara and Kaabong are not yet declared!

Migel Hassan:

We can’t say no as per now… Cz it was their choice though has an impact on we Ugandans.. Congs… Looking forward being rescued

Atayo Bamboo: I’m a huge fan of Trump and I think Americans made the best decision ever by electing him otherwise let’s wait and see him at work.

Charlie Trixie: List of Americans dat Trump is depoting home, Jayz to Nalukolongo. Rihana to Kamwokya. Rick Ross to muyenga Congz Trump

Ssesazi Brian Wyclef: It’s a great choose and I thank Americans over this enthusiastic decision. #Trump

Akiiki Kenga Lillian: And how is my thought going to impact America, me or the world????????

Emong Alex Tukei: They Wished America 2 be great again, so the got it.!

Etayu Samuel: Now, trump is going 2 trump his Africa long stayed in power

Hadija Najumba: So sad

Batulabudde Charles: Ppl speak when they are not intimidated

Jonas Quil Than: Wait 4 World War X#

Cisneros Anandi Lacheal: OMG Wat a dreadful day? 4 sincere i wanted a lady

Ssebunnya Paul: A real crush

Lilian Ochida: the nitemare became true i really dont want 2 wake up

Eddie G Da Silver: not a nice choice though not an american


John Saunders: Here’s my standard response to all posts on this subject.
Has anybody watched his victory speech. No puffy eyes Deffinetly not scripted. The word us used in a beautiful way. I think all you media suckers are going to be exposed as the haters you really are. Beautiful hearing our prime minster sucking up his hateful words. He played the bigots and the ignorant mass to get there support and now he’s going to going to lead them into the new world. No scripted power tricks like the bullshit fairytale female president to follow a black one. This is the real deal no Illuminarti shit , I can practically hear the shredders being turned onto full speed for the next few months before he takes office. This man knows hard work is the only way to actually get where you want and yes sometimes you have to lie and cheat those that do the same but if you ever want to succeed in life and business you know not to lie or cheat an honest person. This result is proof of this and it’s up to us to ensure that we progress as honest people worthy of our leaders until we prove that we do not need them.

Steady Samuel: American has voted the business man we hope its time the economy to change and help us to teach leadership manage to other countries esp to africans

Kirwa Kip Eliud: We are in trouble……….. “Africans are lazy fools only good at eating, lovemaking and thuggery.When I become president I will overthrow Uganda and Zimbabwe and shut out Kenyans because they are liars and thieves” President Donald Trump.

Kato Festo Phinick: Its been put to record that Obama’s reign wasn’t good and easy(cortsey of Shaka sali). And electing Clinton would be like giving Obama another term so i think giving Trump(H.E) a try is a fair deal. lets see what he’s got for the American. #God_bless_America.

Fredrick SajjalyaKabaka Gelubunga: I supported clinton but I didn’t hope she can win American hearts coz she is a lady history is there for 45 president there no woman hve led, and in America’s elections history there no party ruled for 12 years check the records and know the truth, 8years or 4 years the party is thrown, hillary knew she could win coz of that that’s why they trust a leader to go for the race

Solo De O: Trump’s or Hillary’s victory equally wouldn’t have been a bad choice for Americans because the mess was started in the beginning by the respective parties by sending two unfavourable candidates. Therefore tossing head or tail on the coin wouldn’t make much difference to the Americans, they’d considered it a wasted term as far as the two candidates are concerned. That way i doubt wether Trump will make the 8yrs in white house.

Obella David Philemon: America voted for who is going to things in their interests. Unfortunately, other people thought it must always be them. We have our own country we should also do what is of our interest.

Frank Makumbi: I never imagined a comedian in the mould of Kato Lubwama leading the world’s biggest super power. Republican voters have showed that they are not any different from our own Lubaga south voters. I just can’t wait to enjoy the drama in White House most especially in the situation room

Ojok Francis: According to the media it would have been difficult to even imagine Trump is going to win the election. Somehow Americans have their own ways
They conduct themselves and today Trump is the new president elect. What next ? The status quao continues. Whoever elected is to serve American interest, nothing else.we wish him well.

Tebele Andrew: Ladies urinates backwadly,men urinates frontly so Americans were just making her happy but knows whom to vote.And its abig blow to long termed African presidents like m7 Kagame & zimbabwen president so let them open their eyes! iwish Tramp good luck

Akemkwene Robin: The American people have spoken through their votes, Donald triumph. TB Joshua prophesied Hillary Clinton as the first US woman president but Hahaha hahaha

Lakernon Patrick: Umma Am not surprise at Trump’s Victory. Right from the beginning of the Primary elections as a Republican Party nominee. He was Sincere, honest and I thought he knew what he wanted. Hilary Hillary Clinton, was riding on majorly support from Democrats and her Foreign Policy was questionable to most Americans.

Lutaaya Godfrey: It really potrays the true nature and character of Americans who come in Uganda and sweet talk us, proving to be Angels yet in actual sense, they are Egocentric,callous and do many more as the president elect is willing to fulfil their requests

Ogwang Emma Ramsey: even me i supported becoz awoman can not rule big menz with deir big ballz between deir legz, it was going to be really embarrasing, gud luck trump

LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 23:  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a caucus night watch party at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino on February 23, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The New York businessman won his third state victory in a row in the "first in the West" caucuses.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Frederick Kisuule: The Americans have spoken! The man won right in the face of the world. He desrves a chance with a benefit of doubt if necessary.

Nabulo Winnie:  Americans have made the best decision, Coz Trump has the best intentions for the Americans and the world at-large and when it comes to the Dictators, He has the best palans for them.

BW’s Rogers: We are shocked media was against Trump! Say sorry you have lost the fight. Trump said media will lose as they continue to him! What a shame to media in Uganda too!!

Luke Otto: Trump will make America great again… He’s gott someone vision. It’s time to say no to corruption,African Dictatorship and stupid leaders.
Trump will make uganda great again.

Joel Mukholi: People are just FED-UP, TIRED of the status quo. And who did they pit against him? Hillary Clinton! Riddled with allegation after allegation of corruption and carelessness with state secrets. And she a mere extension of Obama’s policies. The FBI director pulled a funny move though. All said, people are tired all over. And when it is time for the Storm of Change nothing can stop it.

Walter Nyero Kaka: American made good choice for them, African should expect nothing,, he will be wors than Democrat,
uganda has to use their Resoucers sparingly

Mwebaze Edward Mwebaze: Even when we had an African at white house as president, who the whole African continent had hopes in, there’s nothing substantial that the local man here has attained during his 8 year leadership other than the so called diplomatic relations that have seen us being criticized for not accepting homosexuals. Nothing will change here. There’s apparently nothing special.

Maxwell Chidi: What a perfect choice they have made and may God give him wisdom to rule America with the fear of God.

Kugonza Reagan: I’m not part of those people who shocked, I was expecting trump to win. Because I voted him

Owor Bernard: The best choice so far am happy republican has retained their victory

Ssenyonjo Godfrey: I think he will serve to be a better President…. Just pray for Good ties with Israel and Uganda…

Murangira Aram: USA has proved to the world that they vote issues not individuals.

Geoffrey Oke: Just America’s choice. What else?. America is a free society. So be it that Trump is their choice for president. I love God’s own country.

Lilio Rub Mugye: All i know about these elections is that Deborah R Malac and Team should be packing and handing over.

Lilio Rub Mugye: All i know about these elections is that Deborah R Malac and Team should be packing and handing over.

Mwanje Malone: Its prophetic ,we shd brace ourselves for the New World Order its nt a hoax!!.

Kasmik Ismael Shaquille Shakur: I for one knew it was the Republican party leading this term regardless of the candidate, so I wasn’t surprised,

Senyonjo Shafic Bin Ibrahim: Those who took the ideology of the media like CNN, Washington post were shocked but those who saw the rallies he addressed, they were not shocked

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