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SK Mbuga holds weeklong kasiki ahead of his wedding this Saturday


In the last issue of Sqoop Magazine, we had an interview with tycoon Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga known to many as SK Mbuga. Mbuga said that before his wedding that will take place at Serena Hotel this Saturday, he would have a week-long kasiki.

This left us wondering which kasiki goes on for a week. This was long before Monday when he booked Club Guvnor in Industrial area for an exclusive kasiki party. But the man has pulled it off – somewhat. Here is how.

Day One: Vivienne’s do

The one that took place on Monday was meant for his wife to be Vivienne Birungi. At Birungi’s kasiki, all the guests were told to don blue because it was the theme colour that she chose for the event.

The guests who came in big numbers included her parents, friends and fans of SK Mbuga. By 8pm, many had started making their way to the bar as the entrance password was the word Margret. This meant that those that didn’t have the password wouldn’t access the venue.


The lady of the night came in at around 1am in the drizzle. She showed up in a black tinted limousine with private license plate Vivienne. She was followed by over 10 cars which are owned by her fiancé SK Mbuga, the cars all had license plates with the word SK Mbuga.

Mbuga who had also followed the convoy in his newly acquired Ferrari, was seen at the venue but he didn’t enter as he was overheard saying it wasn’t his kasiki but Vivienne’s.

Mbuga who said the budget for the kasiki was Shs3billion had many peoples hopes raised about the open bar that he had promised that night. Many were surprised as drinks were not on the house and they had to dig deep in their pockets to buy their own. There were performances from Sheeba Karungi, Ray Signature and Chosen Blood.


Day Two: SK Mbuga’s do

Tuesday which was meant for SK Mbuga’s kasiki also had the same setting but fewer decorations – pretty much just a red carpet that had SK Mbuga written all over it. Before he walked into the club, Vivienne was seen with a group of girls donned in hijabs; they made their way to the club but didn’t spend a long time there.

There was a performance from Ziza Bafana and going by the crowds, Mbuga’s kasiki pulled a bigger crowd than Vivienne’s.

Day Three: Joint kasiki

There was no event on Wednesday. The third and final one is tonight (Thursday), and it will be a joint kasiki at Liquid Silk, a club located on Village Mall in Bugoloobi. According to Mbuga, this one will be open to everyone as there will not be any form of password at the entrance. He also said that the bar will be open as drinks and food will be on the house until morning.


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