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Did SK Mbuga lie about spending Shs3b on his wedding?


When socialite (he said he is not one) okay, Tycoon Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga aka SK Mbuga had an interview with this newspaper last week, he said he had set aside Shs3b for his wedding due to take place tomorrow. Many people probably can’t wait to see how such a wedding will go down, considering Mbuga said it will be a weeklong wedding.

Mbuga who stood by his word had his first Kasiki at Guvnor on Monday this week. The kasiki, which was meant for his fiancée attracted many people who came without any money because they thought everything on that evening was on the house.

During the night, the guests who were all dressed in blue (theme colour of the night), went to the club as early as 8pm but were all seen waiting for the announcement of an open bar – by midnight, the announcement had not come.

According to close sources, Mbuga had made a late announcement, saying the open bar would be on Tuesday at his Bachelor party since the one on Monday was for his fiancée – Vivienne, who was not the financer of the wedding. This kept the guests strong and on Tuesday the same guests returned for Mbuga’s kasiki.

Mbuga, the man of the night, was silent until the wee hours when he announced that whoever wanted a drink should contact Sylvia Owori for a coupon. Many rushed to Owori, while others kept their pride and bought their own drinks. Wait, is that the new definition of an open bar? At this point we are beginning to think this Shs3b is in Zimbabwean currency.

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