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Bad Black asks Meddie to marry her


The first day Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black was released from jail, she was asked if her relationship with Meddie was still on and her answer was, “I don’t know who Meddie is. Is it a new food on the market?” she asked.
This statement surprised everyone at the press conference, going by the fact that the two had had a long relationship that sparked off a rumour that they even have a child together. In fact they were jailed together.
Neither Black nor Ssentongo gave reasons for their separation. But last Monday evening at Guvnor, where Bad Black was invited as a guest for SK Mbuga’s fiancée’s kasiki, emotions got the best of her when she said that Meddie should marry her.
“Wherever you are, please come back and marry me. Don’t become a South African. Come back so that we show these guys what a real wedding should look like,” she said.
We understand that the man she is craving is in South Africa after linking up with Gitawo and Katsha the Bank who enrolled him in the ‘Money Team’.
Meddie and Bad Black’s relationship started off when they both conned Shs11b from David Greenhalgh who was dating Black at the time. They spent most of the money throwing lavish parties around town and cruising expensive cars until they were imprisoned and most of the property confiscated.
We cannot be held responsible for her comments that night, but it sure looks like Bad Black is desperate for marriage.

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