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The video: Nazaala – Lily Kadima


There are music videos that give us that “deja-great” feeling and if we are allowed to make confessions, then yours sincerely has one to make – Lily Kadima is one I would have dismissed. For her works, I had not viewed, her name, I had not heard. Yet, when I chanced upon her video, I realised that this was a gem long-hidden out of the corruptible face of commercial music viewers. The ladies with nagging mothers-in-law will find a resting place in Kadima’s Nazaala video. It is a visual expression of the woes of having a mother-in-law that just can’t let go of her son. Yet, she doesn’t make it too serious. She brings in a flair of entertainment, while at the same time, managing to prevent her art from dumbing down. The video brings home a cosmo-traditional African setting. Nazaala is a story that will grip you from the beginning to the end, it has.

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