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The video: Kasooto – Renah Nalumansi


Can something be beautiful without trying? If yes, have you experienced it visually? Just like tacit knowledge, the beauty that whirls around Renah Nalumansi’s Kasooto video cannot be verbalised. One only has to experience it individually to fully comprehend the beauty. It is one of those Ugandan videos that will give you an eureka moment, especially if you catch it in the middle. It is no surprise that without any hullabaloo, it already has 20,000 views on YouTube. But what is that one thing that makes this video a wonder? The dancers in Kasooto are not even trying to impress the viewer, they are simply out to squeeze the juices out of life. If you are sad, this music video will pick you up with its fast tempo. Ugandan dance choreography had become a bit predictable, Kasooto doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it simply spins it in another direction. — Ian Ortega

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