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The video: Nkuziniremu – Big Eye

When the tales of time finally vindicate Big Eye, they will credit him for his passionate energy and stretching his calabashes of creativity. Nkuziniremu video is shot at a golf course. The only misalignment is that the man who plays caddie is much bigger than Big Eye. Then, Big Eye as usual does not forget his red shoe and head game. Away from that, I must say the dances awed me, how they combined so well with the environs of this video, the fast tempo yet managing to maintain a certain degree of class. The video is away from the routine crowded dance videos. Big Eye proves that he’s the star boss. He pulls off all the dances, the ekitagururo, the American dances, name it all. He’s an entertainer in this video. If you watch this video, then you must dance. One lesson to take from this video is that sometimes you don’t have to overthink the concept.

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