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The video: Akadodi – Da Agent

Da Agent is a musical gem that is yet to be discovered. The Akadodi video is a fast-paced one, perhaps to match up with Da Agent’s Lugaflow. Donning white colours, Da Agent can be seen jogging throughout the video in a certain dusty neighbourhood. It then breaks out into a chorus and the cheapness of the video is laid bare. It features some of those amateurish video-editing effects. One woman combines the modern day twerking strokes with the traditional gishu dance to further complement the chorus. But should Da Agent be judged by the same standards as already established artistes? Or should he be cut some slack and compromises made? It’s a chicken-egg puzzle. But one will appreciate Da Agent’s energy. Despite the visual mediocrity on exhibition, the video won’t be found monotonous or boring.

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