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The track: Nfula zabu – Radio and Weasel ft Pr Bugembe

Been a while since we heard a hit from Pr Wilson Bugembe and now he resurrects in a song featuring dynamic duo Radio & Weasel. The song starts with Pr Bugembe’s intro, telling us that God is ready to wash away everyone’s sins, abstractly putting it that he has the best kind of soap and a sponge to cleanse us. Radio kicks in with the chorus, which is mainly a rhythmic pronunciation of the title “Nfula Zaabu” (make me gold) . Radio asks God to make him a strong temple. He then connects to his verse, telling listeners of how the world has managed to put obstruction that many have tried to clear their slates to make sure they do not fall victim of sin each day but in vain. He sings that it even forces some into hiding. On the same verse pastor Bugembe joins asking why Radio & Weasel should run into hiding yet the same love the Lord gives him is the same as everyone’s. He urges listeners not to forget to praise the Lord musically even when they enjoy world music. Weasel tries to explain himself to the pastor; how the world is different. Produced by Washington, the instrumentals and vocals don’t disappoint.

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