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The DVD : The con artist

First things first, I need an artiste to watch this movie and explain to me why people were literally ogling at some metallic weird-looking things called art pieces. I tried to admire and be mesmerised by them as much as the other people were, but I failed. Nothing about them seemed fascinating. It is interesting, however, that old metal (what we call scrap around here) is what Vince (Rossif Sutherland) uses to make the pieces. It is amazing that he welds them, working on every piece with so much dedication and they look as good as new. But even though I liked that part about art, I failed to be wowed by the final products at the gallery.
But that aside, The Con Artist is a nice movie, especially because its plot is clever and mostly unpredictable. The title has a clever ring to it as well, perhaps because it is rather ambiguous; it seems like a tale about a con that has mastered the art of coning or about an artist who is a con and has mastered the art of both.
Vince is an ex-convict trying to go straight and has been forced into the trade that led him to jail by his former boss Kranski (Donald Sutherland). He has to choose between that and what gallery owner Belinda (Rebecca Romijn) has to offer. He decided to play along and oh boy, does he make the movie interesting or what!

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