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The dvd : Courageous

This is a touching movie by the makers of Fire Proof the movie. If you are the emotional kind, make sure you have tissues near you before you start watching this. It stars Javier (Robert Amaya) a builder, who is sacked from his job. He is called for a job and just as he begins to work, the employer discovers the job was meant for another person.

Another job offer puts his faith at test as he is told to lie so as to get the job. But that is a test.
Later, he becomes friends with four policemen that have made a vow to be more involved in their children’s lives. It is amazing how hard they try. One father, Nathan (Ken Bevel), proposes to his daughter to love her till a man that loves her as much comes along. But for Adam (Alex Kendrick), it is only after his daughter passes on that he becomes close to his son.

They were good dads but that was not enough, they wanted to be super dads that are also spiritual role models. It is an excellent family movie.

This is a definite family watch. It will teach you many things about parenting. It is a must watch for fathers and fathers-to-be.

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