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Pallaso bounced at Monitor

Pallaso’s mama would never be proud of her son’s childish behaviour exhibited when he visited Monitor Publications Ltd last week. The singer, real name Pius Mayanja had been invited by Dembe FM, partly to promote his upcoming concert dubbed ‘Mama.’

However, when he – together with a group of about five hangers on – reached the MPL main entrance he refused to be searched or show an ID, a requirement for all visitors to the premises.

“How much do you guys make in a month so that I pay you? What is so special about this place that I need to hand in my identification?” he asked the bemused askaris, urging his aides to push the female guard manning the check point aside so he can pass.

Three warnings later, a KK Security patrol car drove to the MPL headquarters ready to arrest the artiste. Upon sensing danger, one of his aides dragged Pallaso to their waiting car and sped off, embarrassed and missing out a chance to feature on Talk and Talk.

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