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How bleaching cost Irene Ntale Oriflame deal


Early last year, singer Irene Ntale was named Oriflame ambassador, taking on from another singer Julianna Kanyomozi. The deal which was said to be running for two years didn’t last more than a year after the singer’s contract was terminated.
Reasons for the terminating the contract were unclear until last week when a representative of Oriflame accidently spilled the beans.
When asked about why Ntale was no longer the face of Oriflame, Sarah Nampijja said their brand deals with people who prefer having natural skin. “Ntale’s contract was terminated because she had started bleaching and this would bring a bad image to the company,” Nampijja said.
Rumours of Irene Ntale new complexion started circulating last year, with social media users posting photos of the ‘old’ and ‘new’ singer. Ntale had never come out to defend herself in public.


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