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The music video: Akakutte by Beckie 256


Beckie 256 seems to be that undiscovered gem that’s lying silently in waiting. If Sheebah, Spice Diana and Anita of the Zero Distance fame were dead, she would be the sober reincarnation of the trio. In this new video of hers, she sings about a hit song and she goes on to illustrate the effects such a song has on the audience.
Directed by Eyepro, the video starts off on a soft with Beckie 256 lying in bed for that pre-Friday night sleep. It’s the kind of sleep you take when you anticipate a long night out that involves partying hard. She keeps blushing at the party scenes in the video revealing the innocent and shy side to her. It’s at that point where one is led deep into the artistic individuality that she portrays.
You will definitely love the energy she injects in the video. It’s not forced, but rather, it’s regulated. The kind of energy that’s balanced, one that flows with the beats and rhythms of life.
But don’t be fooled. This video comes with a package of its flaws. First, the camera movements are out of sync at many parts of the video. They were a seamless fit at the rapping verses, but beyond that, one gets their eyes tired because the shaky movements are overdone.
At some point, the viewer in this video will be looking for a slow down, to perhaps, enjoy more of the day scenes at the stone excavation site. Yet, the director chooses to give our eyes a continual challenge from the start to the end.
Does the video have a storyline? No, it doesn’t. It tries to craft one out of the blue but does a mediocre ascent in this endeavour. Even though you have an entertaining video, it still leaves you where it found you.

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