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The movie: Bad Moms


Cast: Miller Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Christina Applegate, Jay Hernandez, Annie Mumolo, Jada Pinkett Smith
Director: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 100 minutes
Now showing at Cinema Magic Metroplex Mall Naalya and Century Cinemax, Acacia Mall Kisementi

If you belong to a mothers’ group and are not yet a mom yourself, I’m sure you have felt like there are so many rules to being a good mother today. These groups usually have mothers who are doing everything “right”. They pass judgement to any mother they believe is raising their child wrong.
For example, just post a photo you think is cute and adorable, of how your child ended up in the laundry basket and you will see the comments. Some will ‘aww’ and laugh while others will ask you how you could let your child get into a basket.
No, you are not reading the wrong column. This is actually about this week’s movie, Bad Moms. If you can relate to what I just mentioned, then you will definitely relate with Bad Moms.
The bad moms in this case are Amy (Kunis), Carla (Hahn) and Kiki (Bell). In the eyes of the PTA president, Gwendolyn (Applegate) and her posse. These three always do everything wrong when it comes to being mothers. In their estimation, the fact that Amy has a job means she neglects her children, meanwhile Kiki who is a stay-at-home mother of four must be doing something wrong because she always looks overwhelmed. Carla’s single mom status also doesn’t sit well with them.
The three ignore Gwendolyn and the rest till the day Amy quits the PTA. This is after a series of events that stretch her to her limit. That limit is crossed at the emergency PTA meeting Gwendolyn called for, where she calls for a bake sale. The bake sale comes with rules that in my view would have led to the most tasteless baked goods ever. Amy seems to be of the same view because she speaks up and walks out. She ends up at a bar where she meets Carla and Kiki, who it turns out feel the same way she does. The three agree to let themselves be bad moms. Amy also decides to run for PTA president.
Surely, you can see that this is drama you don’t want to miss – drama delivered as a comedy from the same guys who brought us The Hangover. Also, the cast is pretty solid., which is a good thing. However, you’ll feel like the cast was underutilised –something that is becoming common when directors decide to go with an ensemble cast.

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