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SK Mbuga speaks on Leila’s impounded car



Ever since SK Mbuga fell out with artiste Leila Kayondo, things have not been moving smoothly with the ‘Awo’ singer.

She was highly criticized by the media for the fall out, her boutique business is not doing great and a few weeks back but that is a story for another day.


Singer Leila Kayondo

Now, her BMW with a personalised number plate was among the 414 cars that were impounded by police on grounds of theft.

But since then his ex-lover, Mbuga who had given it to the singer as a gift had not said anything until yesterday.

Mbuga said that he gave the car to her then girlrfriend five years ago and that he had purchased it following thorough procedures.

“I bought the BMW car five years ago from a gentleman called Denis. He had also bought it from his friend called

He added: “I got clear documentations about the transfer and I decided to give it to Leila when we were still in a relationship. I don’t know where the officers got information that it was stolen from the UK.”

Mbuga said that “there is no vehicle that can be released abroad without a clearance letter from Interpol,” he said.

Mbuga also added that the only possible explanation could be that mechanics swapped stolen spare parts and fitted them into the vehicle.

When asked how much he purchased the car, Mbuga said he got it at shs60million.


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