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Rema Namakula humiliates Irene Ntale live on air.

iryn ntale

Several artistes are hosted every Friday on the K-Drive programme on KFM but on Friday, things got a little out of hand when Rema Namakula embarrassed Irene Ntale live on air.

What started off on a good note turned bad when Irene was told to call any celebrity number in her phone and because she had earlier said that Rema was her best friend and that she is the one person she always talks to incase she’s bothered, Irene decided to call her out of the many in her dial book but to everyone’s bewilderment Rema’s reply was ‘Who is this’ which clearly stated that she didn’t know and have the number of the person calling her. Mind you, this is the person Irene calls a good friend and someone they always chart with.


This left Irene confused, annoyed and wondering what had just happened and to prevent more embarrassment, she just decided to switch off and told the presenter known as Peterson to switch to another topic.

Irene was hosted to talk about her music career, promote her new song as well as answer a few burning questions from the callers and the presenter on KFM’s Superstar Friday.


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