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The track: Byagana – Goodlyfe ft Ziza Bafana


This must be a collaboration many enthusiastic listeners have waited for for more than a year because the two have been prominent in their fields and fusion of their talents is expected to be explosive. Well, they don’t disappoint us on their latest track titled, Byagana, which is loosely translated as failure. For Radio of the Goodlyfe crew, many girls would dedicate this song to him as rumours of baby mamas keep coming up. The story line of the jam is simple; it is a tale of a guy who keeps hoping for the love of his life even when she chose someone else over him. Each of the artistes gives interesting narratives of how failure to win love would be for them.


Ziza Bafana

Radio starts off, singing of how his lover’s friend took his place in her life by showering her with a lavish life from glamorous cars to prime located mansions but even still he has not lost hope, and is waiting to win her back. Next is the chorus and this track maintains the dialogue kind that Ziza Bafana is perfect at, as shown in most of his past collaborations. Radio talks to the lover while Bafana tells of the effect of her departure. With a coarse ragga feel, Bafana tells his side of the story as many speak of him loosing weight and starving himself for love and sealing it on the last verse.

Weasel sings as the possessive lover who tells his girl that if she lies to him the one she left with will lie to her but he will fight for her no matter what. The story fits in everyday life and how people react to failed love encounters. The instrumental is compatible to the vocals and kidandali style which surely will get people dancing. The song is awesome and still picking up on the airwaves. It will be just a matter of time before we can call it a masterpiece.

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