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The music video: Njogereza – Navio



Shot at Entebbe Botanical Gardens, Navio finds a way to win hearts of many conservatives. There are many paths to win hearts, some deceptive, and some playing the sympathy card. Navio plays the artistic path and leaves the rest to the viewer.

It is the aerial shots of the heavily-forested gardens and the winding paths in between that instantly captivate one’s attention. Then comes the close-up shots of Navio. At the start, he is donning the classy shades which he drops in no time.

I love how they keep us in suspense at the beginning, only taking time to show us the lower parts of this girl that Navio is obsessed with. They show us her movements, the strides of her feet and keep it at that. Then it is a melange of the awesome Kiganda dances, Navio joining the dancers in a kanzu aka traditional tunic. Four girls dance by his side. It’s a wonderful display of dance choreography.

To impress this traditional girl, Navio drops his car and exchanges it for a bicycle. This bespeaks of the mountains men climb to win a girl’s heart. The Njogereza video has this uncanny habit of doing too many, yet very interesting things. It totally eliminates every ounce of monotony. Finally we come to the moment when Navio faces off with the girl’s father.

And of all fathers, it had to be Amooti the comedian. Navio has to perform a number of tasks before he can be given the girl’s hand in marriage. He participates in a dancing competition, goes for an arm-wrestling encounter and the Omweso (board game). He finally wins over the girl after what seemed like a hunt down of the mammoth. Njogereza is not just a music video, it’s the gold standard of videos that shine with authenticity, creativity and excellence.


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