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The dvd: The Three Stooges


Watching this comic movie is like listening to Moses Golola’s jokes. If listened to with your intellectual cap on, you will find this annoying. So wear your comical cap and roll in laughter. Because it makes you laugh so hard, that it appears longer than 92 minutes.

It is inevitable to roll out of your seat as you laugh, and yet just after composing yourself, the next scene nearly makes you raise your legs up in the air. So you might just end up watching while sitted on the floor and laugh as you roll over easily. Yes, it is that funny.

Larry (Sean Hayes), Moe (Chris Diamontopoulos) and Curly (Will Sasso) are naughty orphans who unintentionally ruin the orphanage they are placed in. They just can’t get anything right and the nuns who run the place have to keep on paying for their damages.

Eventually, they run out of money and have to be closed. The three friends decide to go find the money. And that’s when the drama starts to climax. It is funny how they relate, think, talk and walk. Words just cannot describe it well, you need to watch it yourself.


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