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Fashion tip: Coat slinging


Coat slinging: Here is one way to rock your jacket without wearing it fully. This look will go with any of your outfits.

This is one of those trends that you might have actually spotted a few times, but you didn’t realise it was actually a trend, with an actual name. Well, the coat slinging was baptised by the fashion bible; Vogue Magazine.

This is where you wear a jacket or coat by simply throwing it over your shoulder and not placing your arms through your sleeves. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it actually is one of the leading trend right now. Everyone from the Kardashians to fashion bloggers are killing it with this new fashion movement.

The coat slinging look can be achieved with an over sized coat, simple bomber jacket or even a varsity jacket. It all depends on what look you are going for. The goal is to keep yourself warm, by having the coat over your body, but then have a stylish element to it with the no arms-inside-sleeves trend.
There are no limitations when it comes to this trend.

You can try it out with a dress, skinny jeans, and little skirt or even with tights and a top look. It all depends on how well you put all the items together to have one banging look. This look is also unisex and one of those things you can try out with your better half. Yes, this is what relationship goals are made of!

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