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King Saha inclusion on comedy show draws mixed feelings


Indeed things change; whoever knew that singer King Saha would one day be the centre of discussion at a high-level meeting in Pepsi offices! Well, that time came last week when top bosses at Pepsi met to share ideas and agree on all Easter events that the company is involved with.
Well, one particular event stood out, Entujjo ya Comedy, which happened yesterday at Centenary Park swimming pool. The point of contention was on singer King Saha’s inclusion as one of the entertainers at the do. Other guest performers are Ziza Bafana, Sheebah, and Winnie Nwagi.
Several members in attendance cited fear in the recent public uproar and threats to boycott all artistes who participated in the Tubonga Naawe project.
According to sources in the meeting, many members feared that King Saha’s inclusion would brew some trouble.
However, other members who thought the issue was a trivial one, struggled to convince their colleagues that the threats were simply ‘a social media affair, that couldn’t transform into reality during the event’.
According to our sources, the meeting dragged on as many argued that it was wrong to undermine social media rants and that it would be a cheaper option to get Saha off the show, considering it was majorly a comedy affair. Apparently credibility issues arose and the meeting resolved that everything stayed as was with hope that the event host would test the crowd severally with teasers about Saha, to ascertain the mood before Saha performs.
And that is how Saha’s name ended up a centre of discussion for Pepsi honchos.
On another note, a series of comedy shows featuring some of the finest comedians in the country will end on March 27 after shows in Kampala, Jinja (Dam Waters) and Mukono (Satelite Beach). The shows will feature Kapale, Mariachi, Kere Kere, Snake and Zolo, Amooti and the New Amarula Production, Madrat and Chiko, Swengere Comedians.

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