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The track: Sala pulesa – Mun G


From the name of the artiste, one must already know what to expect. At least expect hip pop, comics and anything trending among the youth at the time the song gets air play. Mun G has succeeded over the years to be a rapper of all trends. This time he serves his fans with a song titled Sala Puleesa, which means reduce pressure in direct English translation. The comic checks in from the beginning of the track, breaking words in a rhythmical manner that seems listenable. Even with a sluggish attempt to rap the chorus, each verse gives a different message to listeners. The first verse encourages listeners to work on their personal issues and stop minding others’ problems. And even as they do so, he tells his fans not to feel pressured as they do so but rather do it in a way that is enjoyable. In the second verse he gives a narrative of his ex-girlfriend, who took their breakup in a wrong direction by getting fake hips and even worse by bleaching. This is an abstract telling listeners not to get so emotional about their failures. Then the last verse he tells listeners to have new beginnings, ending the verse with a quote saying “If you don’t have haters you are not progressing”. Apart from him integrating pop instrumentals on this jam, Mun G still fails to appeal to a more mature crowd, a fact that reduces his audience.
— Joash Yose

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