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The music video: Sigabana Musajja – Minayo



What happens when you combine a road trip and two lovers? You get the romance hormones spiralling out of the air. This is the one thing that endears me to this music video. It captures the spirit of travel and evokes those emotions in the viewer. I am certain this video will always stir up different imageries in the minds of different viewers.
It starts with Minayo sitting down by a lonely tarmac road. Her hippy tomboy sense of fashion quickly radiates through. The cowboy boots, the checkered shirt tied around her waist and a face that shows a girl madly in love, ready to fight for what is hers.
When Minayo finally gets off the ground, she brims with a musical energy, confidently gets in motion to take the viewer through this lovely tale. I love the effects brought on by the aerosal spray cans. And because Minayo is the one behind the act of using the spray cans, it makes the video worth watching.
In this video, Minayo showed the other side of her abilities. That she can individually work up a video from the start to the end. By the time this dude joins her towards the end, Minayo has already engaged the viewer. At some points I got scared that she would lose me along the way, but she didn’t.
No wonder the flaws of this video only get vivid at the end. This dude is dressed in full rally-driver attire, so he comes off as a poser to me. He was very lifeless, more of a sissy in manly attire. I expected that he would bring on an equal measure of masculine energy to compensate for Minayo’s feminine energy. Nonetheless, the ending is superb, the car skids in the background and the video peaks artistically.

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