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The dvd: Shaolin Soccer


This is an old movie. But it is interesting all the same. It is soccer like no other. If this was the ordinary soccer, all girls would probably watch and follow keenly without having to ask the weird questions about who is scoring in what net, who is on which team, and all those nagging questions. But it also seems like there is some kind of sorcery. In this kind of soccer, the ball especially when directed to the goal post, will look like a tiger, fire and many other bizarre things. Everything was done to win.
This movie focuses on a young man (Stephen Chow) who all his life was been treated like a loser. But even then he never gives up believing that all the world’s problems could be solved with a little kung fu. So he teams up with six friends who are former kung fu masters – to form a soccer team – Team Shaolin. He only believes he has a chance to win a $1m grand prize. Together, they apply their hidden talents, changing soccer forever. But that is until they go for the finals and meet Team Evil whose skills are pretty much similar to their name. During their training, Team Evil played soccer from under water. From the look of things, Team Shaolin is no match for them. Like most stories there is a love angle to this one as well. It is a weird movie. It is interesting too.

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