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The track : Abantu Banyivu – Winnie Nwagi


It is just a week after the presidential elections and there are lots of mixed emotions mostly among the electorate. Unfortunately, one feeling that has haboured in many urban centres is the feeling of being cheated. In simple terms, people are sad and in Luganda, they will say, abantu banyivu. This is the title to a track picked off Winnie Nwagi’s music shelf. A music fan should note that the title does not relate to the current post election aura. This songstress is inspired by love in her music. In the few years she has been around, you will appreciate that Nwagi is growing in stature. On this track, she speaks of people who have been frustrated by their lovers even worse, some add salt to their lovers’ wounds after emerging from a hateful love experience. In her chorus, she sings of how the victims of the dark side of love are annoyed and have crumbled to dust. On her second verse, she scribbles lyrics to her lover, telling him to treat her as first class, assuring him of how fragile she is. She pleads not to be left alone like on those dates when she was stood up. Particularly, she should not to be left in Munyonyo as an abstract. In her last verse she does not forget to tell her lover how she realises how he should be pampered regularly. Well, this song appeals to many.


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