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The music video: Kikute by Leila Kayondo ft Nyanda

Leila Kayondo with Jamaican artiste Nyanda

Leila Kayondo with Jamaican artiste Nyanda

It is 2016, and there is no better way to welcome it than with a passionate celebration of the long holiday that the festive season has been. The Kikute video is thus a show of energy, fun, wildness, freedom and everything one espouses in a new year. No wonder, Sasha Vybz directs this video. You can be sure of him bringing such songs to visual existence.

I chose to mute this video while reviewing it so as to get a clear picture of what it represents. It opens with girls in hot pants coming out of Pioneer buses decorated with balloons. In the background, palm trees sway, creating a summer holiday atmosphere.

At this point, one ought to be careful, because there is that one narcissistic girl who remembers to take a selfie to show the world what a sweet time she is having. That minor detail makes this work of art transcendent to most. Why? Because selfies represent today’s culture, and having such an unplanned scene in the video brings believability to it. Moments later, another random dude carries one of the girls on his back as they alight the bus. With these two scenes, the video wins credit.

Going forward, we are left to enjoy dances till the end. Judging by the shots, the lighting and colouring, one is able to guess the message in the song regardless of whether they can hear it or not.
When the video is complete; I ask myself. Shall I remember this video come December? What is it about this video that leaves an imprint in my memory? Nothing! And that is depressing to fathom.


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