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The dvd : The Other Woman


Cameron Diaz is one of the actresses whose movies I look forward to. This makes you think I should have watched this flick a while ago, but I only got around to it recently. Diaz is a natural at roles like this. In this movie, she stars as a successful New York lawyer, Carly Whitten, who lives by strict dating rules. She unknowingly breaks one of the rules when she starts dating Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). Mark is the perfect guy; he buys roses, is charming and takes her on dates at the best places. One day, she pays him a surprise visit and she learns that the person he kept referring to as housekeeper, is actually his wife Kate (Leslie Mann). But unlike most “main” and “side” dishes, Mark’s mistress Carly and his wife Kate become friends and direct their hurt and anger towards Mark. When they discover a third woman (Kate Upton) who Mark was lying to as well, the three join forces. It is a sweet revenge that Mark does not see coming but leaves him shuttered. There is a lot of drama to make this movie interesting. I absolutely like the way these women handled the fact that they were being cheated on, going after the cause of the problem. In my opinion, this is how men and women who have been cheated on should deal with this, attacking the “side dish” is a waste of time. This is not one movie to be watched by or with the young ones.

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