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The dvd : Honeymoon

honThis movie seemed like the perfect watch for the holidays, but it turned out to be a terrible choice. The movie was set in almost one location. That can sometimes make a movie boring but since the newly-wedded couple in this movie Bea (Rose Leslie) and Paul (Harry Treadaway) were choosing a fairly unique honeymoon, staying in the woods for their honeymoon, it sounded like it would be interesting.

At first things were as normal as you would expect at a honeymoon, the couple made out, cooked, played and enjoyed each other’s company. But then the movie takes a weird twist when Bea and Paul bump into Bea’s childhood friend Will (Ben Huber), who from the look of things was more than just a friend.
Will looks troubled and his wife looks even worse and even though Paul insists that something is a mess, Bea insists that he should let it go. One night, Paul finds Bea out in the woods in the middle of the night naked and later he finds her nightie torn. She becomes distant and Paul suspects that something more disturbing than sleepwalking happened in the woods but Bae denies it and that is when the movie starts to become disturbing.
Watch this only if you are into horror movies, it is otherwise very freaky.

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