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The dvd : Gutshot straight

Jack (George Eads) looks cool and all, but he is a loser. Jack is a debt-ridden gambler who at the mention of earning extra cash gets involved with a mysterious rich guy, Duffy (Stephen Lang) who hires him for a job that has an unexpected condition attached.
Jack lands himself in a lot of trouble and is on the verge of being sandwiched between May (AnnaLynne McCord) and Duffy’s brother (Ted Levine). Each one of these wants to use Jack to kill the other. When things become so tight, he musters the courage to go to the gang that broke his nose to ask for help. Their leader Trunks (Steven Seagal), a loan shark, accepts to help him hoping to use that opportunity to protect his investments.
Jack surprisingly hardly knows how to handle a gun so when he is given one to use to protect himself, he has to fight so hard not to look like a frightened chicken, let alone get guts to actually use the gun.
This ends in an interesting way. This movie has a good story line and the actors are not bad. The guys might like it a little more because of the racy May who appears half-clothed a couple of times.

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