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The track : Yolele – Jaq Deweyi


It is culture during Christians for people to gather and celebrate the birth of Christ. Around this period, friends, family and loved ones get together and share the joy. To remind us of the love and joy is a song dubbed Yolele by Jaq Deweyi. She is a radio presenter, a song writer and an artiste. Over the years, music has been a true appreciation of vocals and acoustics and this song is not an exception of Deweyi’s art. Yolele is a lead track off her Yolele album which one can get off It is a story of the way many visualise the celebration of Christ, with lots of food, which is mentioned in her first verse as she sings of “matooke stems every where…” she does not stop at the food, she tells listeners to share happiness as people share sweet memories from way back. The memo of the song is not the only beauty but also the instrumentals. Acoustics throughout, which sync perfectly with the lyrics. Everything about this track is simple. If one believes in less is more, then this is a song for you.


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