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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The music video : Agende – Ziza Bafana


South Africa is the music video Mecca for many Ugandan artistes. It is no wonder that Ziza Bafana had to fly to South Africa to shoot his Agende video. According to his estimates, the video cost him more than Shs70m. Now that is some investment in great works of art. It is a video spiked with all the magical scenery of South Africa, from the white sand beaches, the colourful waters and the infrastructure. Agende opens with an aerial view of one such water body dotted by grassy hills on the sides and docked yachts. With the sky’s reflection on the water, one gets a perfect illusion of emerald waters.
In a king-sized bed, the main act, Ziza Bafana is lying down with two models by his side. Not long afterwards, he is back to his usual dances, and then off he gets himself ready for breakfast. At first one will wonder what meaning this food brings to the video. But hey, the man is singing about some need for people to grant him the opportunity to gain weight. What better way to gain weight than binge on some sumptuous meal served by models in swimsuits?
This is a perfect video for those looking for festive holiday inspiration. The fashion is a mix between one fit for a summer holiday and another fit for that Ugandan Christmas holiday. It is that one video you would not mind dancing to throughout this season.
The climax comes with the kiganda dances performed by these dancers with stripes of the Ugandan flag. There is the omweso game played by Ziza Bafana with the concentration of a chess player. It would have made sense if Bafana too dressed up in a kanzu (tunic). With Agende, Bafana successfully brings to Uganda one of his best visual creations.

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