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The track >Ndi muna Uganda – Bobiwine ft Nubian Lee


From way back, the collaboration between Bobi Wine and Nubian Lee has always worked for the Fire Base crew. The chemistry begun with their chart-topping track Adam ne Kawa to their latest track Ndi Muna Uganda which is mostly hailed for preaching patrotism. Of course, Nubian Lee does the chorus and most of the vocals of this song, while Bobi Wine seasons it with ragga, an art listeners are sure he will never go wrong. Critics say Nubian Lee can never sing without Bobi Wine, something he is yet to prove. Back to this song, it starts with the chorus, which simply speaks of one being a Ugandan and all of us are related, so we ought to stick as one. Nubian Lee then takes charge of the first verse, telling a story of watching TV and how everything praises the American yet the reserve for an African is imposible. He encourages listeners to stand up and be proud of being Ugandan. In the second verse, Bobi sites the cause of poverty being lack of patroitism in one of his lines, saying some people prefer Whites to Africans yet what they offer is not equal. To climax this track which also is the highlight of the track is when Bobi sings in Luo and Runyankole, giving the song lyrical diversity. The instrumentals as all patriotism songs, has tube fiddles and drums. Apart from a song full of message, this track also gives listening pleasure.


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