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The track : Work it Navio ft Dr Sid


Earlier this week, Navio turned 32, and here at Sqoop desk we wish him all the best and of course more and better music. Speaking of music, our focus is on one of his songs titled Work It, featuring Dr Sid of the Marvins from Nigeria. He is famous for his song Surulele. As an artiste looking for greater heights in Africa, I must say this was a brilliant collaboration. Navio chose an artiste who does not overshadow his art on the track, so one can actually get the Navio feel throughout the song. The story line is simple. They sing about specific attraction to the way a woman dances and they want to take control. The song starts out with Dr Sid on the chorus then Navio steps in with his rap, which is obviously the usual bragadocio. The instrumentals are mostly African drums arranged in danceable patterns and the artistes’ vocals sync rythmically. The highlight of this song is there are two verses, so a listener won’t get bored but put the song on replay.


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