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The music video : Kankuwe – Mina Izah



Kankuwe video is one of the reasons Mina Izah has been worthy of our attention this year. First and foremost, it is her unique visual friskiness that strikes the viewer. It is the same playfulness that is seen in Irene Ntale, yet it cannot be said that she is copying Ntale; Mina Izah’s style is distinctive considering how she combines that liveliness with her winking.
In Kankuwe, the cheerful Mina Izah tries to convince her husband into eating local food prepared at home. This explains why the kitchen is chosen as the main setting for the video. Having seen her husband off to work, she grabs the knife and passionately begins to slice the tomatoes with a rare romantic art.
The video keeps rolling from the kitchen scenes to the scenes where Mina Izah lies in the couch awaiting the return of her hubby. She casts this excitement of a girl madly in love; that she is looking forward to doing sweet acts for the husband. In this case, she wants to give him a taste of her pleasant meal.
As expected with working husbands, the girls at office keep hitting on the man, enticing him with their junk food. Finally when he gets home, he finds Luwombo that Mina Izah has spent the whole day preparing. In the video, Mina Izah showcases herself in a number of dresses, the most striking being the snow-white dress complemented by her long Brazilian weave. The video keeps me in suspense waiting for the man to finally taste the Luwombo. This never happens. Perhaps, Mina Izah was referring to some other special meal. The end comes with a climax of a kiss teaser. She succeeds at tricking us into thinking she was about to kiss him on screen. It is a perfect ending.

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