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The dvd :Skin Trade

What started off as a mission out of compassion becomes a vengeance affair when the family of a New Jersey police detective, Nick (Dolph Lundgren), is murdered by the men who work for a mobster he is after. These men are part of a wealthy family that has human trafficking to thank for all their riches.
Nick is willing to do anything to end the acts of this family, which seems to have an army all over the country.
The movie starts out so “innocently” that you cannot help but be drawn to it. It does seem like it would be a light watch, only for things to take a sharp twist that, though sad, is more intriguing.
With the help of the FBI, Nick tries to stop them, not knowing that the person he has been relying on the most is a mole. Tony (Tony Jaa) a Thailand police detective who is in love with one of the victims is using her as a mole to help save other girls. But someone discovers that she has been leaking information and she is kidnapped, taken to the head of the gang obviously to kill her. It is then that Tony learns that Nick, who he has been after, is actually on the same side as him. For Tony, on top of the desire to bring an end to the trafficking, is in desperate need to save his girlfriend. Together, the heavy-hearted men set out to bring down the wealth family. It is war! This action-packed thriller is a must watch.

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