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The track : Lulala – Edith k

At last the wound that Rehema Namakula left Bebe Cool’s Gagamel crew with after her exit is healing. Not with the emergence of a new female artiste in the crew called Edith K. She seems to have the same or even better quality voice than the latter, but only time can tell. Edith’s first single Lulala speaks a bright future ahead of her. The first time one hears this song, they might actually mistake her for Rehema except for the fact that Edith checks in with fresh energy, which one can hear in the vocals. She keeps the story line simple, as she sings of being rekindled in love.
Just from her choice of title, Lulala, which simply means “next time” in English, Edith K tells listeners how she once fell out of love till her lover came through. And now that he is around they should focus on loving each other and they will catch up with others next time. Such music tells one of the irony that is love. Her lyrics are magnetic and one can easily sing along. Her vocals are on point, as she perfectly syncs with her instrumentals. If one is looking for new talent, Edith K is definitely a force to watch out for.

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