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The music video : Katono Katono – Winnie Nwagi


Katono Katono, a music video produced by the Mirage Concepts struggles to find a concept by which to weave its story around. It’s clear from the beginning that the video won’t be following a crafted narrative with a clear end. The visual introduction is that of Winnie Nwagi bringing a blazer to her hubby before they go off on a date. The follow-up to this storyline happens to be another date of the couple.
This video leaves the viewer to do all the hard work in trying to connect the dots. Okay, supposing the simplicity in love she is singing about is having dates every evening? Where’s the simplicity in that? First of all, the man has a ride for goodness sake. That’s not simplicity. All the dates happen outside the home, that’s also not simplicity.
In the struggle to give the video a deserving plot, the director not only loses himself, but the viewer in the process. One watches uncertainly hoping that perhaps the dots will connect at the end. But do they? What was the director of the music video trying to put across? There’s the major flaw.
Now on to the positives. Those include the visual aspects of Winnie Nwagi who comes off as likeable. She portrays the innocent Desire Luzinda, and it’s as if in her, the Luzinda that the world will never see comes to life. Secondly, she dresses for her body size, the plus size. Of course, the lighting and camera shots do her justice with the close up shots giving us a view of her angelic eyes and well aligned dental formula.

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