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The track : Kalibatanya – Juliana Kanyomozi


When it comes to vocal prowess, one songbird to reckon with is Juliana Kanyomozi, she never disappoints. One can credit this to the time she invests in her music, but most notable are the choice of song writers and producers she works with. A product of her art is her latest track Kalibatanya that is not only getting major play at many kwanjulas (traditional marriages) but also rising on the charts.
Once one listens to the lyrics, it’s no surprise that it was penned by lyrical master Silver Kyagulanyi. Kalibantanya is a Luganda endearement word for someone you love. Her vocals are settled on very danceable Afro beat instrumentals, a highlight of the track leaves a listener swaying from side to side to the audio.
This song is a dedication to all lovers, which is evident in the lyrics. In the first verse Juliana sings of an exceptional lover whom she assures in metaphors like “ndeka ntya amaata ntwale obuuji (how do I take porridge when there is milk?)”. The lover is the milk she sings about.
On the chorus, she implores the lover to turn around and show off so people can witness something typical of a true love story. Throughout the song are very interesting and flattering metaphors. Without doubt, one wouldn’t miss this jam on their kwanjula playlist.

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