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The track : Go mama – Bebe Cool


Bebe Cool is pushing his Go Mama album from place to place and he has definitely got people talking about it. The album’s title track is the epitome of reggae music peppered with a message.
Just like the title suggests, Bebe Cool is advocating for women who stand out as mothers of the nation but most importantly he speaks of children calling upon parents to unite and take care of them.
In the first verse, he poses a question to society, asking who the parents of children on the streets are, and appeals to                                                         listeners to show love towards these poor souls.
In the second verse,  he speaks of vices like abortion and prostitution as a result of unreciprocated affection the victims had to deal with at tender ages. This message delves deep into problems we witness in our everyday lives that are rarely adressed.
Behind this strong message are reggae drum instrumentals coupled with acoustic mastery of strings that are the highlight of the song.  For a moment, one thinks that such music in English puts kidandali lovers in a tight spot, but just like Bebe Cool did with the song  Love You Every day, Go mama is a force to reckon with.

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