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The music video : Memories – Lillian Mbabazi & A pass



If you are a rich Ugandan man and you’ve not yet watched this music video, kindly do. Why? Because it speaks of the reality at hand. The plot is simple and direct; it features Lillian Mbabazi, as the wife of a tycoon cheating with A Pass, as the husband’s driver. I always wondered why Ugandan drivers are willing to put up with low salaries; this video suggests a theory that perhaps, there are hidden allowances that come with being a rich man’s driver.
Just as women won’t hire beautiful maids, the video subtly advises men not to hire handsome drivers.
The catching point in this video is when this woman begins to imagine the driver by her side, only to be pinched back to reality where she awakens to her husband by the side. The look on her face shows nothing but contempt for her husband. Her number one goal, and that of the driver, is to see to it that the husband disappears for as long as possible so they can create more of those sweet romantic memories of a love built on a rocky ground; a love crossing social barriers.
Take home lesson number two from this video: Money doesn’t buy love. You will give the woman the best mansion in Kampala; you will drive her in the sleekest car, and she will still drive off with your driver in the car you bought.
Being a high definition video, it comes off crystal clear. The visual motifs and the lighting are combined to subconsciously communicate the underlying theme of the song, and illustrate the strength of memories. You can’t help but appreciate this creation by Frank Jah. The video itself is like a blurred memory, it gives a viewer hints to decipher the story behind the story. If there’s a video worth five stars, then this video deserves its share.

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