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The track : Wiggle Wiggle – Weasel

It has been public knowledge that Weasel and Radio are having bad blood. And the question everyone asked was whether Weasel would survive without Radio. Well, the good news is that two are still together despite the rough patch they had, but they are also doing a few solo projects. And Weasel answers those who have been asking whether he can stand alone on his new track Wiggle Wiggle.
This is a true dancehall tune, one would expect from this artiste. Wiggle simply means shaking one’s body  and it is particulary directed to the ladies. He starts off the song with a simple chorus with a rhythmic repetition of the word wiggle. In fact the chorus is the most magnetic part of the song that a listener will find themselves singing along to unconsciously.
Through the three verses of the song, Weasel sings what all party lovers want to hear. He speaks about spending money and beautiful girls under his control. His lyrical content is simple and on point giving one listening pleasure. These aspects of a simple chorus and lyrics must be some of the things Weasel learnt from his experience from his time with Radio. The instrumentals are very danceable.
This song shows great development of Weasel as an artiste and we hope for more and better music from him.

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