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the track : Omwoto – Gravity Omutuju

Today if one is to talk about masters of Luga flow hip hop in our music industry, Gravity Omutuju will make top three on the list. He is one artiste that has progressed from his Walumbe Zaya remix to someone with a lot of social influence especially among Luganda listeners.
He not only does music for listening pleasure but also uses it as an instrument to fight vices in society. This is evident in one of his latest singles dubbed Omwoto  which simply means fire . On this track Gravity points out the problems that come with being in Kampala and the vices. Gravity touches almost all sectors of society from social life, family to business and politics.
The song starts with an instrumental of the heroic NRA bush war song Mwoto before he sings the chorus. He stands out as voice of the voiceless. On the first verse he speaks of the common people being trampled upon by the “elephants of society”. He speaks of unemployment among the youth as they stay in bed with nothing to do.
On his second verse, he talks about the loopholes in the music industry and social life. He speaks of fights among artistes.
In the final verse, he calls for divine intervention as he tackles the politics and business sectors, especially since we have presidential elections next year.

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