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The music video : Awo – Leila Kayondo


Let’s imagine for a moment that Grace Nakimera is dead musically. Keep it there. Let’s imagine again, that when Nakimeera dies, she reincarnates as Leila Kayondo. Now stop imagining, picture a visual scenario of this, one musical civilisation dying and another rising, with more energy, more emotion, and more attraction. That is what Leila Kayondo brings to the table in her Awo music video.
As you watch this video, you will want to pause it at various points, just to have an infinite flow of the buoyant feel she knits into this video. Nothing else in this video brings out the message other than Leila Kayondo.
Perhaps we could give credit to the lighting and colouring; the way that evening sunlight hits in a blushy way upon the grasses and illuminating through Kayondo’s weave, while radiating off her jewellery.
Once again, we could blame our hypnosis on the dances she pulls off. Not slow, not fast, just the golden mean of a musical Aristotle. As you watch her describe the navigations with her body movements, you are tempted to get into the screen and join in the fun and romantic times that she sings about. At her feet, you want to do one thing – beg her to hold it there.
Disclaimer: Do not get tempted to hold it so much at those close-up shots of Leila in the video. Your lips my friend, may get tempted to steal a kiss.
I am only disappointed that the video ends like a funeral. There is no life at the end, just some sort of horror. Deddac/ivizualz cooks a great music video, and then kills it at the end. That is not even normal; it’s absurd to the core.

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