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The music video : Busabaala – Maurice Kirya



Does Maurice Kirya ever disappoint? Busabaala is that other video that tells me: “Not today, try another time.” This video reminds me of the teacher who painfully awards 100 per cent marks to a student in an exam. It’s a humble acceptance of defeat. I give this video not 100 but 110 per cent rating.
So, what makes this video extraordinarily special? It could be the storyline. It could be Jaffer Amin (son to Late Idi Amin Dada) who plays the protective dad. You should see what happens when he catches Maurice Kirya red-handed with Proscovia (Jackie Akello) in his house. He catapults to action without wasting time. He aims for this shameless man, a man with balls of steel that has taken over his daughter right in the comfortable chairs of his house, enjoying the refreshing air from the fan.
Not to be outdone, Kirya escapes. The protective father immediately thinks of the next available option. You should have seen that shoe that was hurled at Kirya, the slow-motion effects take the trouble to show that narrow escape. But has Kirya even escaped?
For all we know, this Mzee of Proscovia in no time organises kanyamas to begin a real chase for this rowdy Kirya. The video is set back in time, a time that is not very unplugged from modernity, a time that conjures up nostalgic feelings for many viewers. Right from the architecture of the house, the compound, and the scooter that the mzee rides.
Don’t get me even speaking about the dances. They speak for themselves. The epic moment of the video comes when Proscovia’s Mzee urinates on Kirya in his hiding spot. The look on Mzee’s face as he lets out those droplets is one for World Cup. Some videos are meant to be watched, a few, like the Busabaala video are meant for viewers to prostrate before them in respect for the great artistry.


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