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The dvd : Savaged


This really freaked me out. It is probably because it has been a while since I watched a horror. So one sunny day, a deaf girl Zoe (Amanda Adrienne) decides to take the vintage car that she inherited from her father for a ride alone. She stops now and then to play in the sun and take a couple of photos to send to her fiancé. It is all fun until she drives into an area controlled by savages. They capture, rape, torture, kill and bury her. But she doesn’t die, at least not wholly. She gets possessed by a vengeful spirit that rejuvenates part of her health to use to revenge on the gang that has heartlessly killed tens of people before her.
This movie is quite bloody, so if you cannot stand a couple of such scenes, this is not your kind of movie. You must be a fan of horror movies to enjoy this. It gets pretty freaky once Zoe is possessed so if you cannot stand the blood, you most definitely won’t be able to watch the “juicy” parts of the movie. Think I am kidding? Watch the trailer.

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