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The dvd : Ocean’s Eleven

There are crooks and then there is Daniel Ocean (George Clooney). Dude gets out of jail, he is on parole but as soon as he is out, he starts plotting to commit the same crime for which he was arrested. Daniel is a charming and professional thief. Together with Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt), they put together a team to help in their grand plan. The plan is to rob the guy who took his wife, and happens to own three casinos. It is crazy what they want to do and no one that had dared do it had been successful.
Secretly, Daniel hopes that this master plan will not only impress his ex-wife Tess (Julia Roberts) but help him win her back. It is interesting how they choose the 11 people to work with. It made me think of Fast and Furious and that other movie – the last Step Up movie.
The acting in this one is not the best. Julia Roberts should have been put to more use but regardless, this movie is fun and easy going, it is a nice watch.

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