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The music video : MUMULETE – Deena

Have you heard a woman from the Western world sing Luganda so flawlessly? If so, have you actually seen one? This video is a true testimony of a White woman well immersed in the Ugandan culture. Apart from her skin colour, nothing else will point you in the direction of the West. From the location to the narration, we have an odyssey of a woman who’s deeply in love, waiting for the appearance of her man.
The highlight of the storyline occurs when the two lovers are speaking on phone and the man is kidnapped. Deena immediately springs in a desperate search for her man. But does she have any clue apart from the dropped phone and bag?  On the other hand, the man is suffering beatings from the gang.
At this point, we are shown Deena nursing the wounds of her man. As I am about to complain about the disconnection, something extraordinary happens. Deena wakes up from her dream. Now that’s what we call a well-thought out storyline. How could anyone ever think of acting out a video as a nightmare? It takes brains, it takes a creative brain.
Nothing else is extraordinary about the video. It’s devoid of any effects, so don’t expect to see any technology on display. The lighting is normal. It’s natural lighting for most parts of the video.
Will you enjoy watching it? For the mere fact that a White lady is singing Luganda, you will enjoy it. She gives meaning to the words; “White on the outside, Black on the inside.” It’s a video that doesn’t get itself lost in ambiguity, it keeps it simple and straight to the point.

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