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Iryn Namubiru back to Japan to testify against Kim

Iryn Namubiru is in Tokyo, Japan for the second time since she was arrested there in May 2013.
Iryn first returned to Japan last July, to perform at the CEO/ Founder of the Happy Science religion Master Ryuho Okawa’s birthday celebrations.
The singer left for Japan for her second but more serious visit, on February 2. Iryn told us that she is in Japan to testify against the promoter who allegedly caused her arrest two years ago after he asked her to carry certain things for him to Japan, which later turned out to be illegal drugs that led to her arrest.
Kim Tumwesigye aka Ueno,  has been in a Japanese prison for over a year and is currently fighting to prove his innocence in court. Iryn, who travelled with her former manager and cousin Thadeus Mubiru, underwent sessions with state lawyers until Monday when she took oath on Monday at a Tokyo court.
Iryn told us that she had done this to be at peace and start a new life. “I had to do this, whatever the verdict will be, at least I will start a new life knowing justice was served.”
Iryn told us she was not feeling any remorse for Tumwesigye- a fellow Ugandan saying “that thing ruined my life, thank God it will be over soon!”
After her arrest in 2013, Namubiru spent days in detention, before she was released after a Tokyo lawyer helped her plead for her innocence.

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