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The music video : Keep On Walking – Maurice Kirya

Life is a journey, and that journey is a musical one. Maurice Kirya chooses to walk that journey in this video with the African Children’s Choir. The video which breaks out with Kirya’s signature strumming of the acoustic guitar sets the emotions right from the start. One gets a feeling that we are headed for a whirlwind of inspirational music.
The video does more of reflect on Kirya as a person than on the viewers. It’s an expression of something deep within Kirya’s heart, the path he chose to trod, and his resilience to keep on walking. From the decrepit canoe to the symbolism depicted by the lakeside scenes, Kirya sends out both a subliminal and visual message in this video.
When he walks the path of the battered feeder road swallowed by this thicket of a forest, he reminds me of Robert Frost and his poetic lines of the two roads that diverged in a yellow wood. I can see a recital of the line; “I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.” One thing that you will credit this video for will be its deep visual poetry.  The video leaves you in suspense; it asks certain questions it doesn’t answer. It sets a philosophical tone for what to make of life. Should one really be happy even when they’re uncertain of where it all leads?
The uniqueness of this video is sourced from the simplicity that is associated with Kirya and his soul style of music plus its overall African setting. The must watch moment is when the Children’s choir is in the lush area, with the background of the clear blue sky. Their matching attires, their dances, speak Africa, they speak life.  This video wants you to keep watching.

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